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Thursday, 3-27-2008
I'm in the middle of my month long world-wind tour of bridge.  I'm updating my blog from the plane on the way back from Helsinki.

2008 Spring NABC - Detroit, MI

The GM World Headquarters was the site for the Detroit NABC
copyright Robert S. Todd

The Detroit NABC was a nice event, but it left me with some conflicting feelings.  The early NABC+ events I entered were with partners I'd never played with before.  I had some success with each -- making the finals in both the Open Pairs (Jenni Carmichael) and Mixed Pairs (Ali Howard.)  In both events we never really got going in the final sessions and finished out of the overalls (being a bit closer in the mixed pairs.)  Both showings were reasonable for first time partnerships, but it left me with the feeling that I could do much better.  I left these events feeling that I can compete for these national championship and honestly expecting to challenge for the overalls in the coming years.

Later in Detroit, I was also a bit disappointed with our finish in the Red Ribbon Pairs.  My partner (Bob Soni) and I were well placed going into the final session.  We were 5th overall and had three solid sessions between 57-59%.  In the final session nothing went right.  Our opponents started out doing everything right and even doing some crazy stuff that gave us some zeros.  Uncharacteristically, I got impatient and didn't ride out the wave of unfortunate results.  I tried to make some good things happen and I didn't take advantage of some mistakes the opponents made.  My partner played well and my effort to win had just ended up hurting us.   In the end, if we had just played well in the final session we would have been 3rd or so, overall.  Our opponents just didn't give us enough help.

This was my last run in the Red Ribbon Pairs.  I wasn't able to find a win in the event, but I am proud of some solid results -- 2nd, 10th, 11th, 12th!

2008 Easter Bridge Festival - Jyvaskala, Finland

View from the playing site at the Jyvaskala Easter Bridge Festival
copyright Robert S. Todd

After Detroit I headed to Finland to visit with my old friends and play in the Jyvaskala Easter Bridge Festival.  Helsinki and the Finnish bridge community are like a second home to me and going there is always a rejuvenating experience.  The Jyvaskala Easter Bridge Festival is an amazing event filed with great players from all over Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and other neighboring countries.  The event is filled with national teams, women's national teams, and junior national team players from all over the region.  I was fortunate to have some success and win the opening event (with Junior players Kari Patana -- Kaapo on BBO.)  See my SBN article below for a challenging hand! The other events had ups and downs, but the other highlights were playing with Pekka Viitasala (a world class player and bidding theorist) and playing two days with my close friend Hulda Ahonen (women's national team player and the new secretary of the Finnish Bridge League.)

I leave Finland feeling that my bridge has come a long way in the last two years (since I lived there.)  I'm excited about my development as a bridge player and my continued experience gained from playing against the many varied systems that are played throughout Finland and northern Europe.  I'm sure I'll be back to Finland very soon and I'm looking forward to it for many reasons!

Some of the players and one of the playing areas at the Jyvaskala, Finland Easter Bridge Festival
copyright Robert S. Todd

An update from Gatlinburg will be next!

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Picture Credits to Robert S. Todd
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